A new week, a new station!

September 2, 2013 5:21 pm Published by

For a freelance broadcaster, there’s always a certain frissonabout the first appearance on a radio station. As you get some years on the clock, you don’t worry so much about whether you’ll know what you’re doing on the air; it’s more the trivial housekeeping anxieties: will I get lost between the office and the studio? Will I get stuck in the lift? Will I say the wrong station name on air? If I go out, will I be able to get back in before the song ends? That sort of thing.

Well, day one at BBC Radio Derby today, covering their afternoon show, and I’m pleased to say that the answers to the above have been: No, No, No (though a couple of accidental Morning references almost crept in) and Yes!

I did have a Lift incident at one London commercial radio station. Put the computer in charge while I popped down to street level to get a sandwich. On return, the lift went mad and started scooting from Ground Floor to Top Floor and back again, refusing to stop anywhere and open the doors. Sweaty palms time, as I tried to work out how many songs the computer would play before stopping, sitting up and begging for jock input. Security Guard to the rescue, and I made it by the skin of my teeth!

The anxiety about being out of the building during the minutes before transmission is, I think, driven by a slight lack of confidence in my sense of direction. Will I find my way back?! I have a homing instinct for Broadcasting House in London. Anywhere else, and I feel I ought to lay a trail of breadcrumbs, or some string to follow.

Anyway, I went out today in Derby, with 25 minutes to go, and nearly got run over at a busy junction. By a hearse! I’ve heard of innovative ways to drum up business, but the Co-Op Funerals seem to be taking it to new levels.


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