RIP, David

September 2, 2013 9:51 pm Published by

Little did I know, when I penned my recent thoughts on David Jacobs’ retirement, how little time he had left.

It’s very sad news, tonight, of his demise.

I’m so grateful to have had the fun times on the Outside Broadcast road with David, working on Come Dancing in the 1980s. Grateful for being able to share in his wit and charm, and enjoy the clutching-the-sides wit in the after-show bar of an evening.

What a character.

What a CV.

What a loss.


  • Jill Payne says:

    Charles, you wrote such a moving piece on his retirement and as you say all too short a time before we lost him. I do hope he knew how much he was loved by his fellow broadcasters (the piece Vanessa Feltz said this morning on her show was typical) and his viewers and listeners. I remember being curled up with the family watching Juke Box Jury and his voice was so soothing on the radio.

    Thanks for your tribute to a great man.

  • admin says:

    Thank you Jill!

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