As well as being a professional host for live events, Charles is also available for Speaking engagements, on topics close to his heart:

The world of Voice-over

Chances are, you’re exposed to the work of Voice-over artists many times every day.  Some of it you’ll notice, some will just burble away in the background of your consciousness, like audio wallpaper.    But what sort of a job is it?  Maybe you’ve read about it; perhaps someone’s told you your voice could be your fortune?   The voice of Charles Nove has been earning his living for well over 30 years, and he’ll be happy to tell you about the business, its quirks, its joys and its pitfalls in a lively and amusing chat.

The life and times of a BBC Announcer

Live on the radio or television, keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs – such is the lot of the Broadcast Announcer.  In his 40th year at the microphone, Charles Nove is superbly placed to fill in everything you wanted to know about the calm voices of information, and the often eccentric figures behind them.  He can also offer a no(t many) holds barred analysis of how Britain’s national broadcaster got to where it is today, and the realities behind some of those “why oh why” newspaper headlines.