Squeakiest interview of the year…

September 9, 2013 12:31 pm Published by

As I enjoyed a week of covering the afternoon show on BBC Radio Derby, an interesting opportunity arose: to interview two great stalwarts of kiddies tv.

Sooty and Sweep were due for an appearance in Buxton and, what with that and a new ITV series of Sooty Shows to … er … wave about, it seemed an ideal opportunity to get them on the air.

Some people thought we wouldn’t get much out of Sooty, given that he doesn’t speak, but I’m not one to be beaten by small obstacles like that.

Hear what unfolded


  • Dan McCurdy says:

    Charles, hope you’re well & good.
    Big disappointment – the sooty & sweep interview interested me on LinkedIn & I couldn’t find it on your site! I teach some radio & if it’s ok with you I thought it might be a good presentation piece. ie : if this man can interview two hand puppets…….(I know, I know they’re really real…) you can interview anyone. rush me a copy, put it on your site. thousands are already disappointed. good luck Dan.

  • Dan McCurdy says:

    Charles s’aright – got it. s’on you tube. a consummate performance of how to interview two ‘people’ who don’t actually talk. fantastic. ah the power of radio. Dan

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