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Helping your event run smoothly and enjoyably, whether as Voice-of-God or on-stage presenter.

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Here when you need

Do I need a live voice?

Well it sure beats a dead one! But seriously folks … some events may just need prerecorded announcements to run at a few key moments – and I can certainly produce those for you – but for keeping up with the variables – when there’s a hiatus, an award sponsor suddenly drops out and you have to change the running order, the fire alarm goes off, a winner takes an age to walk up to the platform – there’s nothing like the reassurance of having an experienced voice right there at the microphone ready to keep the show on the road.

I have decades of experience with live events and it’s one of my absolute favourite areas of work. Whether I’m announcing from behind the potted palms at the back, Voice Of God as it’s often known, or hosting the whole show on stage or online, I’ll be glad to be a guiding presence for your event.

Live Events

Whether it’s in one of London’s top hotels or tv studios, a theatre in Brussels, an aircraft hangar in Ayrshire, venues in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh … I’ve hosted events in all sorts of places.

Online or in person events

I’ll be happy to help with your event, whether live on stage, or voicing from backstage, or if it’s an online presentation or introductory video.

Tell me what you need.

Online Awards Host

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Here’s part of an online presentation, from when Covid halted the usual live show.

Voice of God

Announcing the winners, the runners and riders, and any other necessary business. Always adapting the style to suit the event in question.


Let’s get one thing straight – I’m not a sports commentator – well not unless it’s a matter of presenting prepared information in a suitable style. As Clint Eastwood once said: “a man’s gotta know his limitations”. That said, I did once have the pleasure of Stadium Announcer duty for the relaunch of the Paralympics at Parkhead Stadium in Glasgow. In a very different scenario, I was the commentator for the legendary BBC series Come Dancing – the precursor to today’s Strictly – for 12 years.

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Any questions?

The heading Events covers such a wide spectrum of activities. Most of them can be enlivened, made more informative, tighter, pacier … more effective with the use of a suitable voice artist. I have the voice of experience, and the experience to voice with a mix of authority and humour.

Have an idea? Don’t be afraid to ask!