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Voice Artist

A persuasive commercial? An authoritative corporate video to set out your pitch? Welcoming tones for your phone system’s IVR? Storytelling, Documentary narration? I cover them all.

In today’s crowded marketplaces, who’s speaking up for you?

Looking for a voice over?

The perfect voice for your next project

Familiar, reassuring, authoritative but warm – that’s my sort of voice. When you want tones that are trustworthy but not stuffy, guiding but not hectoring, serious but not dull … let’s talk about how I could help with your project.


When there are concepts to explain, positions to set out, appeals and calls to action to be made, allow me to elucidate!

Nottingham City Hospital interview

A video made on behalf of a small health charity in the UK.

Explainer - Norwegian Air

Play Video

Introducing Norwegian Air’s lovely new Dreamliners.


Warm and persuasive, trustworthy, confident, reassuring – all qualities I can bring to bear for the commercial to help your project reach new heights. Fashions change in commercial voices, but there’s always room for some friendly common sense to carry the message, and I could be just the chap you need.

Loganair TV spot

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Is there something I could be voicing for you? I love the variety of my voice work and always relish a new challenge. So …. Let’s talk!


Will someone please answer that phone?? But while you’re waiting…


Whether it’s straight factual, history brought to life or an emotional story to be told, allow me to show off your words to their best effect.

Epic History TV


When a story needs telling, it needs to be told well, by a voice who can really lift the words off the page.

Charles Nove in a blue shirt.

Who is Charles Nove?

One of the UK’s most experienced voice artists. Naturally Scottish, with a very light Glaswegian accent, variable on demand.

Quaint fact: I have played a parrot, a Dalek and a dog, but definitely best known for my portrayal of myself.